Tool to discover PV App videos in need of subtitles

Dear subtitlers,

Previously, it could be difficult to find a Plum Village App video in need of subtitles in your language. (Or, even if you found one, perhaps you experienced a problem with the link to Amara being broken).

So now we have created a tool to help with this:

Just select the language you wish to create subtitles in, and it will show you videos in need of subtitles. It can also add the video to Amara if it was not already added.

This tool is new so if you have any feedback about how the tool might be more helpful for you, please do share and we will try to make improvements.


This is amazing, thank you so much Justin! I was wondering if there is also a way for the PV App team to communicate priorities. While I appreciate the freedom to work on video topics that speak to me, I like to balance it with serving the needs of our community. I usually sort the PV App videos by #views on YouTube and then go down the list to see which videos are missing subtitles/translations and then check if they have a working Amara link.


Hello All,

It occurs to me, based on Kat’s post, that it would be possible to program the assignment of an integer in a specific range (e.g. between 0 and 5) for each video. The list at Plum Village App could be sorted in descending order for this integer. The Plum Village App team could then select a priority between 1 and 5 for any videos that they wanted prioritised. The convention could then be to pick the next video on the list, that no one was working on, in the chosen language?

Just my own thoughts on this. I recognise that this may or may not be helpful.

Thank you & regards,


Thank you @Kat and @Matthew

Sorting by views on YouTube seems like an excellent way to prioritise.

Although we could manually prioritise the videos, it might be difficult to maintain over time, so my preference would be on solutions that can be automated. Perhaps at some stage we can link the list to usage stats for the videos, though that also might be quite a lot of work for us to set up so it probably will not be something we do very soon.

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@Justin_Emery that makes sense, thank you. And perhaps you could post here if there is ever a need for all of us to come together and work on a specific series of videos or other projects.

@Marc_Badura - are you familiar with this tool? It is not perfect :slight_smile: but it’s a good start to finding videos in need of subtitles.

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Thank you, Beverly! For me it seems the tool lists videos as needing subtitles even if they are either baked in or have had subtitles “added” by Amara Bot. I hope to explore this more in the future to see if these videos can be reviewed by a human and will then no longer appear on the list.