Technical Issue: Unable to Access Amara Link for Guided Meditation Video by Thich Nhat Hanh

Dear Sangha, I’m struggling with an error message that says “We’re sorry - you don’t have access to that page” when I try to start captioning and translating the video “Sitting with the Buddha | Guided Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh”. I think the Amara link is broken. How can we deal with this technical problem?

Dear Aislan,

Please kindly check out this link to see if it helps with the problem you’re having Tool to discover PV App videos in need of subtitles

If not, I’ll try my best :blush::pray:. May the day unfold kindly for you so far.

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Thank you, @Tuyen ! You helped me a lot.

Namo Buddhaya! :pray:
Namo Dharmaya! :pray:
Namo Sanghaya! :pray:

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Thank you for reporting this @Aislan_Bezerra

Just to add a little to what Tuyen contributed, we are aware that some of the links to Amara on the YouTube videos are broken and we are in the process of updating them to point to our new tool. The link on this video is now updated and others will be updated soon if not already :pray:


Excellent! Thank you, @Justin_Emery ! :pray:

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