Unknown words for "Qigong Daily Routine for Stretching and Flexibility"

Dear friends,

I have three unknown words/phrases on “Qigong Daily Routine for Stretching and Flexibility”.

The first two are, I believe, Chinese words describing variants or sub-categories of Qigong. The remaining one is just where Thich Man Tue is busy moving and perhaps not talking directly in to the microphone.


and after that well will have, er,
maybe three movements from ? Qigong,


and after that we will do some
movements from massage ? Qigong, okay.


Let go all anxieties ?.

If someone could help me work out what these words/phrases are, that would be very helpful.

Thank you,

Hello dear @Matthew,

At 00:38, I believe it’s:

maybe three movements from integral taichi Qigong,

This is an educated guess based on another video by Brother Man Tue here.

At 00:45, I believe it’s:

movements… from massage movement Qigong, okay.

This is also an educated guess based on yet another video by Brother Man Tue.

At 01:19, I believe it’s:

Let go all anxieties and sorrows.

Would you mind listening to these parts again and letting me know if you agree with me?

With much appreciation for you and your dedication :blush::sparkles::pray:

Dear Tuyen,

As usual, your hearing is very accurate,
or perhaps it is that you are more patient than I am!

Watching the introductions to those two other videos,
it is very clear to me that the terms are “integral taichi Qigong
and “massage movement Qigong”.

I also believe that your suggestion of “and sorrows” is accurate.

I have made these changes.

Many thanks,

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Dear Matthew,

Thank you so much for letting me know, I’m very happy. It’s been a while since we last talked with one another here. Your messages make my day :heartbeat:

Thank you very much