Two unknown words in 'Developing Powers of Unobstructed Reflection'

Dear All,

I have been subtitling ‘Developing Powers of Unobstructed Reflection’ for some time now, but there are two words I cannot decipher. I managed to puzzle out some words, but these two still remain.

I am hoping that someone here has the context that is required to work out these words.

The first unknown word is at 31:10: “I want to thank our beloved friends Shane and Emily who came with us from ? island, where we now live.” This same word is also repeated at 31:22. I am wondering if the word is ‘Vashon’, but I am not certain.

The second unknown word is at 43:33: “It was always the energy of ?, release.”

Thank you for any insights that you may have in to these words,

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Dear Matthew,
Thank you very much for your dedication :pray:
The word “Vashon” is legit indeed. It’s an island in Mexico (source: Vashon Island Downtown | Vashon). Dr. Larry has once shared he’s been living in Mexico so I guess it’s this word.
At 43:33, I guess it’s a word in another language for “release”, which I looked up in Mexican/Spanish, French, and Italian but found no word with such pronunciation. I’ll keep looking and hopefully come back to you with an answer soon.
Much appreciation to you and your work,

Dear @Matthew ,

Today I’ve found the word vimukti in Sanskrit (meaning letting go, release, nirvana) but its pronunciation somehow doesn’t match with Dr. Larry’s word 100%, but I think I should let you know:

Do you think it’s the one? :thinking:

Dear @Tuyen,

Thank you for your thoughts on these two words!

I think that ‘Vashon Island’ makes sense.

I think also that your suggestion of ‘vimukti’ for the second word also makes sense. It’s too much of a coincidence for it to not be this word…

In checking over the subtitles today, I have noticed that there are a couple of other missing words. I will try and figure out what they are today and then complete a final review/tweak of this set of subtitles, and then move on to the next one. :slight_smile:

Many thanks,

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Dear @Matthew ,
I’m very happy and glad my guesses help! :innocent:
I’ve always appreciated your presence and your contribution :lotus::pray:
There’s this song I realy enjoy and would like to share with you:
May the rest of the day unfold peacefully for you,

Thank you for the song link. :slight_smile: