Touching Reality as It Is — an unknown word

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Preliminary subtitles to Touching Reality as It Is are almost complete.

At 16:56 there is a word that I do not know the symbols for. It precedes the phrase pháp thân, assuming I have those symbols correct.

Please note that I am not entirely happy with the way the sentences are split up on the subtitle of this video at present. Some of them are a bit “top heavy”. I may edit some of them. Suggestions welcome.

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Dear Matthew,
I’ve looked into it twice, pondering your question deeply. I think what precedes the phrase pháp thân - at 16:51, is Dharmabody, which you already got right. Wondering if you meant the phrase that succeeds the phrase pháp thân :thinking:

At 16:56, it’s “Chân như. Pháp thân. The body of the cosmos.
I guess Thay meant to repeat what the first phrase is i.e. chân như (Vietnamese for suchness), and what the second phrase is i.e. pháp thân (Vietnamese for Dharmabody). And the phrase that follows i.e. The body of the cosmos was likely meant to explain further the meaning of Dharmabody.

Although you didn’t ask, at 17:34, the Vietnamese phrase is thực tế. You can click the dropdown menu in the top right corner and select English to see the equivalent explanation in English for this

It’s amazing you get many Viet phrases right, dear Matthew. Regarding sentence splitting, I think you did a beautiful job, they’re not top-heavy at all in my opinion.

Thank you so much, Matthew :blush: :pray:

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Dear Tuyen,

Apologies for the ambiguity of my post. I can see now how it is imprecise. :man_facepalming:

Thank you for explaining the missing term, and also for providing more information on the correct symbols for 17:34.

The ability to ‘toggle’ languages for a given Wikipedia page was not known to me and I am sure this will be very helpful in future subtitling.

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