Non-English words in How to Hear the Call of Mother Earth: Thundering Silence

Dear All,

I am struggling with the non-English words in How to Hear the Call of Mother Earth: Thundering Silence. I do not know if the words are in Vietnamese.

The problematic (well, problematic for me!) section starts at 18:40:00.

The content is as follows:

But 50 years ago, Thay was in ?, north east of Thailand, in a retreat for young people, and located in an area called ? near a very famous temple called ? and Thay was staying in a hut close to a cascade, to a big creek, and always the sound of water falling!

Thank you to anyone who can assist with the question marks,

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Dear Matthew,

First of all, thank you so much for contributing subtitles to this video. :pray:

The words used in place of the question marks are Thai indeed:
Chiang Mai
Doi Suthep
Wat Palad

And although you don’t ask, at 20:04, I see another question mark, it’s:
"Thay said, “Well,…” ".

I hope you’re having much joy doing this so far.
A flower for you, :smiling_face::pray::tulip:

Dear Matthew,

Seems that Tuyen has given you the answers, which I have just seen after I have found this website with the story of Thầy at Wat Palad. Enjoy!

With smile,

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Dear @Tuyen and @Johnson_Lo,

Thank you for the missing words, and the links to explanatory pages.

I should be able to complete the subtitles for this video now.

I shall read the linked pages with interest.


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