Introduce Yourself: Joining Hands to Make Mindfulness Accessible!

Hello, brothers and sisters,

Johnson from Hong Kong bows in.

I am a lay member who practise regularly with the HK Sangha. I have picked up subtitling for Thầy’s videos for a few months.

I have first created the Chinese(Traditional) subtitles for “A Cloud Never Dies” but eventually I did not upload it as subtitles in the same language have already existed on Youtube, although Amara hadn’t show it. I did not consider it wasted effort as I enjoyed every moment of my translation which was a chance to contemplate on Thầy’s teachings. My latest project was the Chinese(Traditional) and Chinese(Simplified) subtitles for “I have Arrived, I am Home” which were published when the video was launched. Although after being published on Youtube the languages of the subtitles were mysteriously re-named as Chinese(Taiwan) & Chinese(China) respectively, which were not very accurate descriptions (coz Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese characters were not only used in Taiwan/China particularly but many other places like Hong Kong, Singapore and the Chinese-speaking societies all around the world, etc.), I was happy that those who read whichever Chinese characters could enjoy the very moving video on Day 1.

I do not know how but it seems someone has created another “Chinese(Traditional)” subtitles online now for the same video. I am curious how it works in Amara. I am currently working on my next project on a video about Thầy’s calligraphy, which I have enjoyed tremendously lately. Hope I can get the language option right this time.

With metta,
Johnson :slight_smile:


Hello friends!
My name is Annalisa and I’m from Italy. I’ve just started to contribute to the italian subtitles for “The first 8 Exercises of Mindful Breathing”.
I have been practicing for a couple of years now, and the Plum Village App and the You Tube channel have helped me so much through their content and resources. I realized that for some people who don’t know English getting access to those same resources maybe very difficult, so I decided to step in and give my contribution to the community. It’s a very big honor.
It’s a pleasure to meet you all.
:pray: :sunflower:


Dear Sangha, dear Community,
I am Ngọc and comes from Vietnam. I had ever subtitled some short videos of Plumvillage. it has happened since one or two year ago. Therefore, I can not remember the names of videos I subtited. Seriously said, I am not so good enough at English to well subtitle long videos (my listening skill is unfortunately quite bad). I only tried my best to a bit contribute to Community I love. Bytheway I can some German too (in intermediate level, I think).
It is very nice to meet you all here. I wish you a very happy and peaceful weekend!
Your sincerely
Nguyen Thanh Doan Ngoc


My name is Ann. I’ve been practicing meditation and learning from Thay and the Plum Village Sangha for about 3 years now. I’ve subtitled a few YouTube videos so far. The teachings touch me more deeply as I slow down to subtitle the content. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to contribute, and thank you all for being here to support each other.


Hello, friends,
My name is Mollie and I live in the North of England. I have just finished putting the English subtitles to

Being a Tree | A Short Film by Miguel Sánchez - YouTube

It has been such a deeply rewarding experience. I feel very lucky to have been able to contribute. Earlier this afternoon I spent some time in our back garden. We have been slowly removing the concrete, rubble, waste - and a huge, unneeded shed - over the last four years when we moved in. It has been very slow progress, but over the last few weeks it has suddenly started to take shape. We are created a woodland garden, with deciduous trees, foxgloves, columbines, borage and comfrey. Being in the garden this afternoon and working on these subtitles have brought me the same feelings of peace and joy and I am so thankful. Both activities seem to give back so much more than they ask.

I am going to continue working on shorter pieces for now, but maybe in time I will attempt one of the longer dharma talks. I was wondering if people ever team up to work on the longer recordings together?

Much love,


Hi Mollie,

I would be happy to team up …

I actually have some long pieces that I started and then this damn war in the middle east, has made it difficult to concentrate.

Beverley from Israel


Dear Beverley,

I am happy that you have reached out. May I sit in stillness with you this moment and send thoughts of peace and ease.

I have subtitled a few shorter pieces now and although I still feel daunted at the prospect of subtitling a longer video, this feels like a fine way to give it a try.

How about you send me the titles of whichever pieces you wouldn’t mind another pair of hands on, and then maybe I can see which one I am most drawn to? Would that work for you?

With love,


These are three that are at various stages…let me know which one you want to work on and then we can do it in tandem if you like… each of us doing something when we can … and then see how it works.

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Hi Beverley,

I would very much like to work on (Class #16) The Four Noble Truths with you. I am partway through subtitling one of the short films, I will finish that one first, if that’s ok, and then I will move to yours. Yes, let’s try it in tandem as you say.

All the Best,

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Hello everyone,

My name is Shikhin. I am part of the Plum Village App’s Oak Forest Team and have been helping maintain the app since mid 2023.

I feel inspired to contribute to the app in more ways and am aspiring to volunteer Hindi subtitles to videos on the app. I hope to start soon on this endeavor :slight_smile:

Wishing happiness for everyone :two_hearts:


Welcome, Shikhin! :pray: :lotus:

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Dear Thay, dear comnunity, my name is Gino Porras and I’m from Chile, South America. I thank to the Plum Village App team for reaching out and inviting me to this forum. Thank you for your kindness :pray:

With the inspiration that Thay’s videos and teachings bring me, I’ve been subtitling videos in Spanish for the Spanish speakers community. I’m part of Sangha Mudita since 2020, an online sangha of the Plum Village tradition that was borned in the pandemic, in which we took refuge every week to face the daily challenges of those times. This year 2024, we’re gonna celebrate 4 years of weekly practice. :raised_hands:

The videos that I have already subtitled, I’ve showed them to the sangha as a part of sharing the teachings. Also, there’s a Facebook group called “Thich Nhat Hanh en Español” that has multiple members, and where I shared the subtitled videos to anyone who seeks Thay’s teachings in Spanish language. They all had a great response, which makes me happy. So I thank to for making subtitling so easy and to Plum Village for letting us create subtitles for them. :leaves:
Currently I’m working on “Thich Nhat Hanh: On Birth and Death”, the only thing is that in this case it’s not in the Plum Village Youtube channel, belongs to SourceOfLightMon channel. The reason is that it has one of my favorite teachings of Thay about life and death. :lotus:

If any Spanish speaker wants to make a request about a teaching of the Plum Village Youtube channels tobe translated to Spanish, don’t hesitate on asking me :blush:

A lotus for you all.


Thank you Mollie! :pray:

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Dear friends,

My name is Marc currently living in Buffalo, New York, USA. I have been a lay Buddhist practitioner for sometime and only recently discovered the beauty and wonder of the Plum Village App. Though I have worked in academia and nonprofits, the teachings of Plum Village have helped me cultivate an aspiration to deepen my practice and work for an Engaged Buddhist organization. I am exploring this now and seeking to find a home where I can learn, study, grow, and contribute my skills in a meaningful way. Along this journey, I reached out to the Plum Village App Team and was guided to helping with subtitles.

Reading through everyone else’s wonderful greetings is affirmation that I’ve taken a beautiful step forward in my joruney. I am grateful to have an opportunity to contribute to this amazing project and to help bring the dharma to the world!

Much love!