Interested in teaming up to work on long recordings?

Dear friends,
Recently, our friend @Mollie_Baxter asked,

“I was wondering if people ever team up to work on the longer recordings together?”

So this thread is dedicated to this question.

Although I haven’t seen anyone team up for medium-length / long recordings before, we can definitely put the link to the long talk on which we wish to work with others here on this forum and invite others to join.

Otherwise it’ll still be an equally nourishing experience working on a video of any length on our own :seedling: :blush:

Have a great day and night, and much appreciation to everyone.
:pray: :hibiscus:

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Dear @Mollie_Baxter,

I have worked on one long video so far, and it did take quite a while to complete. I don’t mind working on long videos myself, but if you want help on part of a video I am happy to assist.

Kind regards,

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Thank you, Tuyen, for posting this and Matthew, for your reply and kind offer.

I think I posed the original question more as a musing really, but I am very grateful to both of you for your help and will certainly come back in the future if I were to embark on a longer video and needed help - thank you. I have been working on the shorter videos so far and I’m very happy to continue with those for now. I am still getting used to the software and the process.

I do have a couple of questions, though:

  • If someone starts a video, do other people know it is being worked on? Could I accidentally step into someone else’s project?

  • There are many ‘shorts’ in the needing subtitles list, but I note that they have captions incorporated into the video itself. Do they still need subtitles adding do you think? I’m not sure - there could well be situations where they would be helpful to watchers to have both.

It is a crisp, bright autumn morning here in northern England today. I saw three geese, or maybe swans, pass overhead earlier, in fact, all the birds seem busy this morning!

Warm wishes to everyone,

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Thank you so much for your kind offer, dear Matthew, and for allowing us to get to know your further questions here, dear Mollie.

To answer your first question, typically, if we start a video and are working on that video, our Amara username and the language we’re working on will be shown in the Activity tab, as shown below, which can be seen by those who have Amara accounts (I haven’t checked if those without one can do the same :smile:):

Regarding the second question, yes, we do have many videos with burnt-in English subtitles, such as:
. Short films
. English shorts by Thay
. Dharma talks / talk excerpts in Vietnamese by Thay
. etc.

Many volunteers have already subtitled these videos in such languages as Portuguese, German, Chinese, Italian, to name only a few. You can see the list of subtitle languages sorted by complete / incomplete statuses on the right side of the screen.

The Vietnamese videos by Thay have for the last few months been published with separately-uploaded English subtitles so adding English subtitles, particularly to these videos, may create duplicates and it may be not worth it unfortunately.

I don’t know everything about Amara, on top of the fact that Amara is releasing new features every now and then, so please take my answers lightly :smiley:

Your original question helps us all, so no question is too small :smiling_face:

Also please don’t hesitate to let me know if my response somehow shows that I don’t understand your questions correctly, or if there are any other questions down the road - I’m here for you.

I sincerely appreciate the love and care @Matthew and you have put into this work and these lovely messages. Always. It’s nourished me reading your messages. You both make my day!

Much appreciation to everyone
:pray: :tulip:

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