How To start Translating

Dear Community ,
For me it’s still difficult understand the last part of the process I try to explain better.
It’s clear how to get a Video on Amara which need subtitles in my language (Italian in this case).
But Once Im on the Video on Amara, What’s the next for?

Many Many Thanks to help.


Dear Fabio,

I have only been subtitling for a short while (and probably should actually practice a lot more than subtitle) but I shall try to help. Hopefully someone else can improve on my attempt at some point.

Amara supplies an overview guide for subtitling on Amara at Start Subtitling with Amara. I am sorry to say that it appears to only be in English rather than Italian.

There is also a video on subtitling at Watch: Caption & translate on Amara which does have Italian subtitles.

There is also a significant guide at Contributing subtitles for Plum Village which provides a number of links. The most notable link which I found helpful (and probably need to re-read!) is Dharma Talk Subtitling Guidelines. In turn, that article provides a number of important relevant links at the end.

The first two links in this post indicate how to use Amara, and the following two links provide information on how we can produce helpful subtitles.

I hope that this helps you to begin.

Thank you and regards,


Dear Mat,

Many Thanks It’s wonderful receive your support, really!!!
I will try to make a good use of that!!!

My best with a smile!!