Help with a chant

I am subtitling the sangha talk on the four nutriments by Sister Tue Nghiem.

There is a chant that begins at 2:28 with:
The Buddha Jewel shines infinitely and lightens???

Is anyone familiar with this chant and can direct me to where I can find the text in English.


Dear beloved Bev,

The chant’s name is “Praising the Three Jewels”, which goes as follows:

The Buddha Jewel shines infinitely, enlightened for countless lifetimes.
The beauty and stability of Buddha sitting
is seen in mountains and rivers.
How splendid is the vulture peak,
how beautiful the light
that shines forth from Buddha’s brow illumining the six dark paths.
To the Nagapushpa Assembly we will go
to continue the true teachings and practices.
We take refuge in the Buddha ever present.

The Dharma jewel is infinitely lovely, the precious words of Buddha.
Like Fragrant flowers floating down from the heavens.
The wonderful Dharma is plain to see,
it is recorded luminously in three transparent baskets.
From generation to generation
handed down in ten directions,
so that today we can see our way.
We vow to learn with all our heart.
We take refuge in the Dharma ever present.

The Sangha jewel is infinitely precious,
a field of merit and good seeds.
The three robes and begging bowl
are symbols of freedom.
The mindfulness trainings, concentration and insight,
support each other.
In mindfulness day and night,
the Sangha dwells and is the foundation for us to realize,
the fruit of meditation.
With one heart we come home
and take refuge in the Sangha ever present.

You can find this chanting text in the description of this video by Plum Village.

The text — along with other texts, sutras, discourses, and ceremonies guidelines — is also available in the Chanting From The Heart. If you like to have it as a reference, you can buy the e-book from Parallax Press for US$1.

I hope this information helps, dear Bev
May you be happy in the moment,
:blush::pray: :two_hearts:

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thank you so much dear tuyen!

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and now I have another question - about the same dharma talk.

At around 5:54 there is a chant in French.

I cannot of course subtitle this chant … but I thought perhaps I could add the name of the chant, if someone knows it. If not, I will leave it as it is - [chant in French ]

Dear beloved @Beverley_Zabow,
I’m sorry that I’m unable to be of help for you this time.

Dear @Fabio_Cappiello,
Please kindly correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve noticed that you were able to contribute subtitles in French in the past. If time and space are favorable for you, would you be able to help Bev with the name of this chant in French? Or any level of help would be much appreciated. :blush:

Thank you both so much.

Dear beloved Bev @Beverley_Zabow,

Since Fabio isn’t able to help, I think it’s a good idea to put [Chant in French] as you suggest.

May your day be filled with love,
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Hello dear ones, bit late on this one but I believe this chant is Chant du Bonheur - im not sure of the lyrics but you can hear it here: Chant du Bonheur | Plum Village

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