English words that I cannot decipher

Dear All,

I am subtitling Dharma Talk: Living in the World with Your Heart Undisturbed | Dr. Larry Ward and have found some words that I cannot decipher, despite my best attempts.

The words are at 39:20:01, 39:38:30, and 1:00:59:37.

If someone can figure out what they are, it would be a great help…

Thank you,


Hello Matthew,

I have difficulties understanding those words too. My best guesses are:

39:20:01 - heal/be healed
39:38:30 - critique
1:00:59:37 - i don’t think that there is a missing word

I hope that others will chime in!

Sunny greetings from southern Utah,

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Hi Matthew, hi Kat,
Seems like Kat’s got what I’ve got for the answers :innocent: At 1:00:59:37, I also think there’s not a missing word.
Thank you very much for your subtitles, dear Matthew, and for your help, dear Kat :blush: :pray:
May the new week open many moments of joy and peace for everyone.
Beautiful flowers of gratitude for you,
:hibiscus: :tulip:

Hello Kat and Tuyen,

Thank you both for your help!

I can think I can complete the subtitles for this video now… :slight_smile:

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